Thursday, January 24, 2013

This world needs help

Nearly every day I see new evidence that the world has the wrong priorities. The headlong rush into greater and greater techno-narcissism and techno-isolationism only twists those priorities even more out of whack.

I could sit here and write a detailed blog post about it...

...but I would rather go out into the real world, do something good and productive, and find ways to be kind to real people.

The rest of the world would do well--hopefully even better for a change--to get up, go out, and do the same.

I will say that when it starts becoming all about you, that is a sign you are headed in the opposite direction from where you need to be going.

Stop it. Drop it. And roll yourself 180 degrees around (now facing the world and the other people in it). Now go out, be kind, be helpful, and to the best of your ability leave your self and your preoccupation with yourself behind and go serve noble purposes and others and no longer serve, prop up, nourish, and defend your ego. There's no need to do that last part anyway. You are already fine. Already worthy of love. Already have nothing you must prove, to others or even to yourself. You're good. Now get out there and make the world better for everyone else.

The world needs help.

The world needs your help.

Love knows no limits. Kindness is free.